Lessons For Better Life

Never ever depend on single source of income or company.

In april 2019, more than 20,000 employees of Jet Airways airlines lost their job due to sudden shut down of the company. This incident impacted lives of many employees and their family badly.

(1) Many Employees were having EMIs running for personal loans, home loans, education loans and so on.

(2) Few were struggling with meeting the loose ends in life. And had to join whatever job they got even with low salary and low level.

(3) Many Women employees or Men Employees’ wife were pregnant and were terrified with this. And they had to find the second job in quick time.

(4) Many didn’t have enough savings to survive till they find the new Job. Many didn’t have enough money for their children’s education.

(5) Many people had planned so many things for their bright future.

But you know what? One such incident and you are nowhere! Even during corona epidemic in 2020, crores of people all around the world lost their jobs just in two months.

All these teach us the following important lessons.

(1) Never ever depend on Single Source of Income or Company. Or we would say never ever depend on just one thing in Life. Have Multiple Sources of Income.

(2) Always work towards building yourself. Invest certain part of your income in learning new things and technologies. Invest money in making yourself irreplaceable. Make yourself such that it’s difficult to replace you.

(3) Do not feel secure at any job. Job is always a rented house. Rented house is good till the time you are asked to vacate it or you buy your own.

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