Conversation Dialogues

Making an appointment with a doctor

Lucas is having some kind of serious skin problems which is worsening day by day. He wants to meet doctor for the same. Listen to the conversation he has with the receptionist of the hospital to book an appointment with the doctor.

Making an appointment with a doctor

Receptionist: Hello, this is Camerad Medical Center.

Lucas: Hello. I need to make an appointment to see the doctor, please.

Receptionist: Have you been here before?

Lucas: No, I haven’t.

Receptionist: OK. Can I have your name please?

Lucas: It’s Lucas Jones.

Receptionist: What seems to be the problem? (OR can you describe your health concern?)

Lucas: I have been having skin problems that aren’t going away.

Receptionist: Do you have a fever with that rash?

Lucas: No, I don’t have fever. But it just itches a lot.

Receptionist: Would you like to see Dr. Smith or Dr. Jones?

Lucas: I would like to see Dr. Jones.

Receptionist: I have openings on Tuesday or Wednesday with Dr. Jones. Which would be best for you?

Lucas: I need an appointment on Tuesday.

Receptionist: I have an opening at 2:30 on Tuesday. Is that ok?

Lucas: Yes, that’s fine.

Receptionist: OK I am scheduling your appointment with Dr. Jones on Tuesday at 2.30 pm. We will see you soon.

Lucas: Thank you. Goodbye.

Receptionist: Goodbye Lucas. Take Care.

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