Conversation Dialogues

Making an appointment for a hair cut

John wants to have a stylish haircut. Listen to the conversation he has with the receptionist of Midtown hair parlor to book an appointment for the same.

Making an appointment for a hair cut

Receptionist: Good morning, Midtown Hair Parlor.

John: Can I make an appointment with Sara, please?

Receptionist: Is it for a haircut?

John: Yes.

Receptionist: When do you want to come in?

John: Do you have something on Saturday afternoon?

Receptionist: Yes, is 4pm ok?

John: Yes, that’s fine.

Receptionist: What’s you name, please?

John: It’s John Smith.

Receptionist: OK John, we’ll see you at 4 pm on Saturday.

John: Thanks. Bye.

Receptionist: Bye John. Have a nice day ahead.

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