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Is English necessary to succeed in life?

Answer to this question “Is English necessary to succeed in life?” totally depends on your field of career and your location.

If you are doing business or job in English speaking countries like USA,  United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Canada and some other countries such as Uganda and Botswana, the answer is yes.  In fact most of the English speaking countries require that you prove your proficiency in English by clearing either TOEFL or IELTS exams with good scores.

In India, China, South Africa or many parts of Africa and Asia, the answer is sometimes. English is the main second language in these countries.

If you are working with multinational company, specifically software development and telecom industries, you need to be proficient in English as the clients would be in all different locations and of all different language background. We need to understand that the today’s market is global. No business or corporation is run by a person in one place; if it needs to be successful it needs to expand. English language plays an important role here as it has become global medium of communication.

English is also necessary if you’re on managerial or other higher designation in other non-technical industries. Learning English language helps one to be employed in different fields and in different countries.

But you also will find many non-English speaking personalities in this world who are very famous without having sufficient knowledge of English language.

For example,

(a) Kapil Sharma is very poor in English still he has become popular as comedian.

(b) Nawazuddin siddiqui was from very poor family. Although he is not good in English, his acting skill makes him famous.

(c) Kapil dev, the first Indian captain who won first world cup at 1983, was also poor in English.

You will also find many politicians, artists, painters, sportsmen and actors who have become famous in spite of being poor in English. So English is not necessary to succeed in each and every field.

But Wait!

Although English is not necessary to succeed in some fields, it is beneficial and important to acquire basic or sufficient knowledge of this language. When we say, it’s important, what we mean is that if you’re good at it, it might do wonders for you and that is not an undeniable truth.

English has become the world’s leading international and dominant business language. It is also the language of international commerce, of business, of diplomacy, of trading and of tourism. It is beneficial to learn English language to connect with the world as it is the language being spoken all over the world.

It is an access to the ocean of knowledge irrespective of the field of study. It has grown to such an extent that it takes thousands of years for any other language to compete with its richness. In such a situation, though a person may be successful (only in financial terms ) even without English, learning English is a broader way to improve different aspects of our lives.

Although English may not be necessary to succeed in your field, to excel at something is always a great achievement. English is a global language of communication. The better you can communicate globally, your chance of success as an individual or as a company increases.

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