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Conversation with immigration & customs officer at the airport

Alex is flying from New Delhi to Los Angeles. When he arrives at the airport, he goes to the immigration and customs check-ins. Listen to the conversation he has with the immigration officer.

Conversation with immigration & customs officer

Immigration Agent: Good morning. Where are you flying today?

Alex: I am flying to Los Angeles.

Immigration Agent: May I have your passport please? (OR May I see your passport please?)

Alex: Yes, here it is, and here’s my visa.

Immigration Agent: Thank you. Please state your full name, age and nationality.

Alex: My name is Alex Brone, I am 32 years and I am an Indian.

Immigration Agent: What is the nature of your visit? (OR What is the purpose of your visit?)

Alex: I am a software engineer and I am deployed on the client’s site for helping them in project deployment.

Immigration Agent: Your papers are in order. You have tourist visa for 3 months.

Alex: Yes, that’s right. I plan to travel some places in the U.S.

Immigration Agent: Which cities are you planning to visit?

Alex: I am going to spend some time with client in the Los Angeles. After that, I’m going to Washington, Chicago and California.

Immigration Agent: How long will be the duration of your stay?

Alex: Initially, it will be for three months. If there are any further requirements, my company will update the embassy.

Immigration Agent: All right. Do you have anything to declare?

Alex: Pardon me. I don’t understand.

Immigration Agent: Do you have any valuables or alcohol to declare?

Alex: I’m not sure. I have two bottles of whiskey. Do I need to declare that?

Immigration Agent: No, you can have up to three liters.

Alex: Great.

Immigration Agent: Have you brought any food into the country?

Alex: Just some cheese I bought in France.

Immigration Agent: I’m afraid I’ll have to take that.

Alex: Why? It’s just some cheese.

Immigration Agent: Unfortunately, You’re not allowed to bring cheese into the country. I’m sorry.

Alex: Strange. Well, Here it is.

Immigration Agent: Thank you. Anything else?

Alex: I bought a t-shirt for my friend.

Immigration Agent: That’s fine. Anything else?

Alex: No, nothing at all.

Immigration Agent: OK. You can go ahead. Enjoy your stay.

Alex: Thank you.

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