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Why to get stressed? Don’t worry when things are not in your hands.

All our sufferings are because of two kinds of events .

First is the one for which we are responsible. Its either that we have done it or have been main cause for it. So when the suffering has been because of our own action then no one else has to blamed. Its our own ‘Karma’ which we have to gracefully accept and go through it.

Other cause of sufferings are because of events and causes on which we do not have control. All the amount of caution would not have averted such events and any how we would have to face them. There is no point in cribbing upon such sufferings. Since everything was beyond your control, should be taken as ‘divine play’ and gracefully accepted.

Why to get stressed? Every human being makes mistake. Learn from your mistake and take care that you don’t repeat the same mistake in the future.

Here is a nice story on this:

There was a wise man living in a village. All villagers used to visit him complaining about their same problems over and over again. One day, the wise man decided to tell them a joke and they all roared with laughter.

After a few minutes, he told them the same joke and only a few of them smiled. Then he told the same joke for a third time, but no one laughed or smiled anymore.

The wise man smiled and said: ‘You can’t laugh at the same joke over and over. So why are you always crying about the same problem?’” Worrying won’t solve your problems. It’ll just waste your time and energy.

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